#VellaiPookal - An Indian Feature Film with its Roots in BITS, Pilani

In the pre-cellphone era, 25 years ago, a bunch of teenagers walked into BITS Pilani gates and got exposed to culture, art and theatre as part of their engineering degree. No other place does this better than BITS Pilani - resulting in the seeds getting planted deep and blossom over the years.

After a fun time in Pilani in the 90s with Oasis, Apogees, ANC and Pilani Tamil Mandram (PTM) theatres, these folks ended up together again in early 2000s in Seattle for their dream jobs in Microsoft, Amazon and other companies. Thinking about what to do to have a hobby, these BITSIANs and other like-minded alumni from other colleges created a Theatre group, Indus Creations inspired from their PTM(Pilani Tamil Mandram) days.

In their first couple of productions, they recreated two of their famous PTM (Pilani Tamil Mandram) plays back for the Seattle audience – Aranmanai Siruvayalil and Kadavul Vanthirundar. Both these plays were as successful in Seattle as they were in Pilani Tamil plays. That spark kindled the creative fire to propel them forward. 11 plays, 4 short films later, and 15 years later the team jumped into their moonshot – VellaiPookal , a full fledged Bilingual (Tamil + English with English subtitles) movie releasing in 20 theatres in US, 200 theatres in India and over 30 countries on April 19th 2019. The movie will also be shortly dubbed in Telugu/Hindi et.al.

Few of the key BITSIANS contributors to the movie VellaiPookal are:
●   Dhigha Sekaran (1995 batch) - Producer
●   Ajay Sampath (2002 Batch) - Producer
●   Sridhar Viswanath (1994 Batch) - Assistant Director
●   Siva Sangameswaran (1994 Batch) - Assistant Director
●   Rajiv Balachandran (1993 Batch) - Executive Producer
●   Krishna Srinivasan (1996 Batch) - Executive Producer
●   Pradeep GanapathyRaj (1994 Batch)- Executive Producer
●   Arvind Jayasundar (1994 Batch) - Executive Producer

The Seattle Chapter of BITS and many Bitsian alumni helped Indus Creations throughout the past 15 years. You can read more about the Indus Creations Journey in this inspiring blog post Indus Creations would like to thank our friends in BITSAA International for giving us this opportunity to reach out to each of you. We look forward to your support and to your joining us with your friends and family to watch VellaiPookal (White Flowers) - With English subtitles. First day reviews have been very positive – so grab your samosas and chai and get ready to enjoy this thriller set in the Pacific Northwest made by your fellow Bitsians. Please help us spread the word around.

Indus Website: IndusCreations.org
Movie Website: VellaiPookal.com
Trailer: VellaiPookal